Event Venues

  • Alexandra Stadium
  • Altec Stadium
  • Rotary Ground A & B
  • 3 Squares Sports Stadium
  • Eastbank Sports Stadium

Event Schedules


  • Junior Football
  • Ladies Football
  • Community Outreach

Announcement: MAP Games commence 18 May 2019

Event Venues

Alexandra Stadium

6002 12th Ave
Alexandra, Gauteng

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Altec Stadium

386 E Bank Ave
Alexandra, 2014

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Rotary Ground A & B

2077 Rooseveldt St
Alexandra, Gauteng

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3 Square Sports Stadium

4683 13th Avenue
Alexandra, Gauteng 2014

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Upcoming Events

Road to Final

Interested in Corporate Sponsorship?

With thousands of spectators attending these events, the MAP Games present a wonderful opportunity for your company to promote its products and positon its brand in the mass market.  This is an excellent opportunity for any public or private entity to associate itself with a tried and tested brand.